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Fadwa Suleiman: Actress turned an outspoken activist against Assad

Fadwa Suleiman was a Syrian actress turned an outspoken activist against dictator #Assad

Tribute | Mai Skaf: ‘It is Great Syria, not Assad’s Syria’

Remembering #MaiSkaf, a beloved #Syrian actress and “icon of the revolution” against #Assad and his junta

Kholoud Helmi: A brave woman from Syria

"... if I survive the next five years, definitely I will be fighting for our stolen rights somewhere," Kholoud Helmi says to SYRIAWISE.

Salam Hamed: An artist in a bombed room ‘studio’

I chose this studio in the midst of this destruction to tell the world that our destroyed homes were once bustling with life, says Salam Hamed.

Happy All Mothers’ Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers everywhere, especially those who are sacrificing and struggling to care for their families in these troubled times.

A Syrian woman’s asylum journey to France

“Hold on, Douha. We will resist together the cancer of the body and the cancer of tyranny.”

Where there is a woman in a tent, there is beauty

Inside this tent, there is a displaced Syrian woman, a sewing machine and some pieces of art.

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