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Editorial | SYRIAWISE: Navigating a path for progress in 2024

In #2024, we at SYRIAWISE hope to go on spreading the word about #Syria and facilitate more community building among #Syrians - #EditorialBorad

Why Syriawise?

#Syriawise is an #online #media outlet intended to be an easily accessible platform for sharing #news and #views on #Syria

Editorial | SYRIAWISE: One year and counting

#SYRIAWISE celebrates its first anniversary with an ongoing pledge to spread the word on #Syria and #Syrians to the world - The Editorial Board

Editorial | Unbiased reporting means independent financial resources

How many Syrian media platforms have their own financial resources that can keep them immune against any political or ideological control?

Short Story | A dream in a nightmare

"The screams of revenge in his head urged him to leave, but something inside him started to wake up."

Assad’s unlikely comeback: Foreign Policy’s Bente Scheller

“Regional governments [...] are mending fences with a murderous regime—showing human rights abusers everywhere how to commit atrocities with impunity.” @BenteScheller

Will Pope Francis visit Syria under Assad?

While many countries are re-establishing diplomatic ties with the Syrian regime, what implications might Cardinal Sandri’s visit to Syria have, especially in the view...

The Book Collectors: A Band of Syrian Rebels and the Stories That Carried Them Through a War

When a group of young revolutionaries in Daraya, the southern suburb of Syria’s capital, find themselves deliberately cut off from all outside contact and...

Father Paolo: When absence means strong presence in hearts and minds

Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, an Italian Jesuit priest beloved by Syrians, disappeared in July 2013 while on a personal mission of mercy in Raqqa, Syria....

What do ancient Syrians tell us about stargates and bioenergy?

What is it so special about Syria? History books tell us that when Alexander of Macedonia (aka Alexander the Great) entered Syria in 333...

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