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Sincere condolences to all affected by Turkey-Syria earthquake

Sincere condolences to #Syrians and the #Turks

Syria’s IDPs and refugees: High time to try a solution

"The problem of #Syria's #IDPs and #refugees cannot be solved very soon [...] but at least it is high time to start trying to do so," writes Dr. Jamal TAHHAN

Opinion | Will a ‘West Germany’ scenario help in Syria?

"The scenario of a #Syrian West Germany will be a form of unifying #Syria in two stages on the #German way," writes Dr. Osama Kadi

Opinion | Only Syrians’ unity will determine their fate

"#Syrians need a plan to resolve the existing contradictions [...] and a new method of work," writes Dr. Yahya Alaridi

Bakir Atajan: Turkish advocate for oppressed Syrians

"#Turkey will remain on the side of the oppressed #Syrians who were crushed by the #Assad regime," says #BakirAtajan to #SYRIAWISE

Opinion | Will the US wind make the Syrian boat sail?

"The #Syrian people suffered foremost from the #USAdministration's policy," writes Syrian opposition figure Kamal Al Labwani

Chairman of White Helmets: Needs of civilians in northwestern Syria are overwhelming

"The White Helmets is a unified group that considers itself a national umbrella for all Syrians. That is why the regime has tried so hard to defame us," says chairman Raed al-Saleh.

Report | Misery reigns in Al Jameaya Camp in Idlib countryside

A number of the camp’s residents were previously detained by the Assad regime and then released after being tortured and severely traumatized.

Syria’s astronaut who turned into a refugee

Faris was chosen by the Soviet space program from 40 Syrian candidates to accompany two of their astronauts into space

On the invincibility of love

At the end of October, a photo entitled "Hardship of Life" by Turkish photographer Mehmet Aslan won the Siena Photo of the Year Award....

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