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Boomerang | From Putin to Assad: A tale of terrorism and hypocrisy

#YasserAshker writes about the hypocrisy and non-stop lying on the part of the #Assad regime

ICC indictment further isolates Putin

"[...] if #Putin had been held accountable for [...] #CrimesAgainstHumanity in #Syria, the #RussianInvasion of #Ukraine would never have happened," writes Almoutassim AL KILANI

Putin in Syria and Ukraine but his eyes on the North Pole

"[...] #Arctic region will witness a sharp military confrontation between the #UnitedStates, #Russia, and #China over natural resources," writes Dr. Tuma

Opinion | Winter: Putin’s next deadly weapon in Ukraine

"The #Russians have destroyed half of #Ukraine's energy centers, leaving more than 10 million people without electricity," writes Namroud Sulaiman

Opinion | Syrians watching Putin’s crimes in Ukraine: ‘Déjà vu’

"#Putin’s idea of #Russian foreign policy is based on the use of military force as is evident in both #Syria and #Ukraine," writes Farhad Shekh Baker

Opinion | Nazih Abu Afash: Writing poetry in support of dictators

"The history of poetry will not forgive Abu Afash for his praise of the massacres and the dictators who committed them," writes George Tuma.

Opinion | Syria and Ukraine: Victims of Putin criminality

"While support for Ukraine is coming in different forms [...], Syrians have been for 11 years subjected to extermination," writes SHEKH BAKER.

What Russia did in Syria may predict what happens next in Ukraine

Notte cites the massacre of Bucha to say that this shows us that “Russia cares relatively little about being blamed by the international community."

Two massacres, one perpetrator: Putin

The perpetrator in both is the same: Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Opinion | From Syria’s White Helmets to Ukrainian people

"Just like Syrians, Ukrainians are facing the most ferocious criminal killing-machine that exists in the world today," writes Raed al-Saleh.

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