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International ‘aid’ to NW Syria after the earthquake

#Caricature | #International to NW #Syria after the #earthquake - #AhmadRahma

Syria into 2023: Out of the frying pan into the fire

The #Assad regime wants to rule #Syria forever. It will not seek a solution and as a matter of fact, it cannot come up with one

Opinion | From Gouraud to Yefimov: Why not a Russian Mandate?

"[...] the world must demand that #Russia should declare an official mandate over #Syria," writes Dr. Osama Kadi

Editorial | Observing Human Rights Day while violations continue unchecked in Syria

"[...] this year’s [...] Day will come and go while #Syria’s political prisoners and arbitrarily detained persons continue to languish in #Assad’s [...] prison system."

News Report | Syrian refugees: From Lebanon to the unknown

#Syria is not safe for the return of #Syrian #refugees, as returnees are subjected to extortion, persecution and serious human rights violations

Opinion | US administrations are killing Syrians by abstention

"Legally, not doing anything while one can amounts to a crime as the result is the massacre of a people," writes Kamal Al Labwani to #SYRIAWISE

Opinion | Assad regime’s post-conflict narrative in the international arena

"International human rights organisations should reiterate that Syria is not safe as long as the Assad regime is in power," writes Hafsa Akram

Opinion | Syria as an example of a selective implementation of IHL

"The millions left destitute in Syria [...] are among the worst examples of the failure of regional and global powers," writes Blanche Michael

Opinion | Russia deprives Syrians of UN aid

"... accepting to deal with the Assad regime to deliver aid from its controlled areas is an insult to the victims and their families," writes Raed al-Saleh

Syria in the UN Security Council

Caricature | Syria in the UN Security Council

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