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Boomerang | Assad has plenty of time to lie and misinform

"#Syrians and friends of Syrians continue to expose #Assad's deception," #RuthanneSikora writes in her #Opinion article

US Syria laws: No more than a waste of time

"The #US needs to thoroughly and seriously revisit its #Syria policy," writes Ariana Scorpoli

US legislators to combat the normalization of Assad

A bipartisan group of #US #lawmakers introduced legislation yesterday to hold #Assad regime and its backers accountable

Syrian ‘gravedigger’ testifies before the US Congress 

Three trailer trucks would arrive loaded with between 300 and 600 bodies of victims of torture, shelling and slaughter, says the Gravedigger.

Report | The Syrian International Conference in Istanbul: ‘No to Normalization with Assad’

The conference was a one-day event and the organizers agreed to issue a public statement containing the recommendations

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