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Assad’s no. 1 enemy: The White Helmets

"#Assad will keep attacking the #WhiteHelmets' #volunteers as lying is one of the basic pillars of his #regime," writes Sam Aman

A White Helmets’ volunteer raising awareness about the dangers of UXO

#Photo | A White Helmets' volunteer raising awareness about the dangers of #UXO

United, Syrians stand when UN/world fails them

After its failure to help them, #Syrians struck by the NW #Syria #earthquake sent a strong message to the #UN: "We are united."

All that is left is just a toy

#Photo | All that is left is just a toy

Opinion | Media war against Syria’s White Helmets

The White Helmets' first responders possess evidence of war crimes committed by the Assad regime and Russia against civilians in Syria as most of their responses are documented through cameras mounted on helmets, writes Raed al-Saleh.

Chairman of White Helmets: Needs of civilians in northwestern Syria are overwhelming

"The White Helmets is a unified group that considers itself a national umbrella for all Syrians. That is why the regime has tried so hard to defame us," says chairman Raed al-Saleh.

Opinion | Syrian refugees need not just shelter and food

There is never an easy way to talk about a war or a human crisis in any country of the world. Watching human lives...

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