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Editorial | Unbiased reporting means independent financial resources

Many are the media platforms reporting the Syrian story; but how many of them have their own financial resources that can keep them immune against any political or ideological control? This in our opinion is the main problem facing the creation, maintaining and continuation of outlets that claim to be unbiased and balanced.

Our experience tells us that the people who control the money withdraw their support if the editorial policy is not to their liking or the things that are published incite negative responses from those in power.

Censorship in the media is what writers, journalists and content creators object to the most. It is very discouraging, especially after rosy promises of a wonderful and aspiring start.

Five years ago, SYRIAWISE team members began brainstorming about creating a website that could focus on Syria without having someone imposing a certain agenda, direct or indirect, on what could and could not be published. The team came up with the conclusion that money should come from the people who believe in the mission of the project and its cause and from as many supporters/readers as possible in the form of relatively small donations.

The founding members have personally financed the creation of SYRIAWISE until now and generous volunteer contributors have supplied it with what we believe to be quality articles. But to keep this platform alive, it needs financial support that will go basically to some IT matters and promotion campaigns. We will be transparent as to where donations go and we assure all supporters that they will directly contribute to making a difference for our cause and help us further our mission.

To help SYRIAWISE maintain its balanced and independent narrative of Syria, and keep its editorial policy in line with those of professional journalism, a small gift to the platform is highly appreciated as the plight in Syria is far from over and a non-stop coverage is a must so as the voice of its people can reach as many people as possible and in the maximum number of languages.

Lastly, we cannot express how much we appreciate everyone who has helped us in getting here and how much we depend on the support of our readers in the future. We are asking anyone who appreciates what we are doing to help keep this platform running through small donations. To DONATE, please click on this link.


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