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Osama Kadi

Holds an MA, an MBA and a Ph.D. in Economics; Economic & administrative advisor; Lecturer of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Business; Appears on media to analyze international and Syrian economic matters

Analysis | ‘Reconstruction in Syria’ and the ‘Astana-Sochi’ track do not converge

"[...] the Astana-Sochi process will likely lead to the destruction of what remains of the #Syrian economy," writes Dr. Osama Kadi

Will Syria’s economic collapse lead to the demise of the Assad regime?

"Economic failures exert only slight pressure on rulers who have no regard for the welfare of the people," writes Dr. Osama Kadi

Syria’s Mugabe rides the Astana train to Zimbabwe

"[...] the price of a loaf of bread reached 250 billion #Zimbabwean dollars in 2017 while #RobertMugabe was fighting 'imperialism'", writes Dr. Osama Kadi

Opinion | From Gouraud to Yefimov: Why not a Russian Mandate?

"[...] the world must demand that #Russia should declare an official mandate over #Syria," writes Dr. Osama Kadi

Opinion | Will a ‘West Germany’ scenario help in Syria?

"The scenario of a #Syrian West Germany will be a form of unifying #Syria in two stages on the #German way," writes Dr. Osama Kadi

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