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Victims still cry for justice 10 years after the Ghouta massacre

It has been 10 years since the #ChemicalMassacre in #Syria's #Ghouta, and the perpetrators have never been held accountable for their #HeinousCrimes

Aleppo’s Ain Jalout School Massacre nine years ago

On April 30, 2014, #Assad regime military attacked a #school in #Aleppo killing more than 25 #civilians, mostly #children

Reflections: Syria from 1997 to 2002 – Prof. Josepha Wessels

"I arrived in #Syria in 1997 during the time of Hafez #Assad and we, as foreigners were informed that it was a repressive government," writes Prof. Wessels

Al-Haswiya massacre: Trauma continues to haunt survivors

The names of more than 100 #Syrian civilians, including women and children were documented as being victims on that day in #Homs' #AlHaswiya

Jabal al-Zawiya: One of Bashar Assad’s first large-scale massacres

Not one single person has been held accountable for the unspeakably heinous crime committed against the defenseless people in Jabal al-Zawiya 11 years ago

The shameful fall of Syria’s Aleppo 6 years ago

December 15, 2022 marked the sixth anniversary of the fall of #Aleppo to the #Assad regime

Hafez Assad’s ‘Corrective Movement’: Mother of Syria’s evil

Fifty-two years ago, #HafezAssad staged a military coup with the goal of ruling #Syria forever. His son #BasharAssad is paving the way for his own son

Hafez Assad’s ‘Liberation’ War: The 49-year-old lie

"There are still many mysteries and speculations concerning the 1973 war with Israel," writes Yasser Ashkar

Assad’s Obama-tolerated Ghouta chemical massacre 9 years ago

On August 21, 2013, the residents of #Ghouta,woke up to an unprecedented chemical massacre committed by #Syrian dictator Bashar #Assad

‘Crisis Cell’ game-changer explosion: Ten years ago today

"#Assad [...] is in my personal opinion the one and only to be accused in this game-changer operation," writes Eva J. Koulouriotis.

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