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Bedouins burying their dead unearthed the story of a civilization

The ancient city of #Mari, today's Tell al-Hariri, is located on the right bank of the #Syrian Middle #Euphrates basin

Syrian artist Abu Subhi al-Tinawi

#AbuSubhiAlTinawi was the first #Arab #artist whose work was displayed along with #Picasso's #paintings

Syria’s al-Hommal Well: Layers of history document its civilization

This well is considered to be one of the most important archeological sites in the world, writes Dr. George Tuma

Saeed Tahsin: A Syrian self-trained artist

Born in #Syria's #Damascus in 1904, Saeed Tahsin left behind a magnificent legacy of historically significant #artwork

Fasting tradition throughout the Syrian civilization

#Fasting is an experience that the majority of human #civilizations have practiced since ancient times, writes Dr. George Tuma

The role of Folklore in the Syrian cultural identity

"#Syrians need to preserve their #cultural #heritage to the point of considering it a sacred trust handed down by their ancestors, writes Dr. George Tuma

Ugaritic: One of the world’s first alphabets originated in Syria

#Ugaritic alphabet appeared in the city of #Ugarit (currently known as #RasShamra and #RasIbnHani) on the northern coast of #Syria

Syria: Land of a blend of spirituality

"[...] the #Syrian being is a fabric that is culturally interwoven with human thought since ancient times," writes Dr. George Tuma

Christmas tree: A pre-Christianity ritual originated in Old Syria

"Ancient Syria was the birthplace of this pre-Christianity tradition just as it was the birthplace of Jesus Christ himself," writes Dr. George Tuma

Orontes River: Syrian civilization in a watercolor portrait

The #Orontes inspired artists over the centuries and presented humanity with magnificent mosaics indicative of the extent of wealth

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