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Former Syrian minister: The US gave Assad the green light

In the early months of the #Syrian uprising, #Assad became convinced that the #US would not interfere, says Dr. Naasan Agha in an #interview

Press | Welcome to the barn

“[...] the #ArabLeague is the one that has returned to #Syria, not the other way around," Jamal al-Jamal writes in #Arabi21

Press | Bankrupt Lebanon blames Syrian refugees

Dalal Albazri in The New Arab writes about how #Syrian #refugees in #Lebanon are blamed for the country’s economic collapse

Press | Syria that the Arab regime wants

@nizar_sahli writes about the latest #normalization moves between the #Arab states and the regime of #BasharAssad in @Arabi21News

Press | Will Iran really change its policies?

It is too early to say that a new page has been opened in the relations between #Iran and #SaudiArabia, writes Majid Kayyali in @AlMajallaAR

Press | Terrorism is mainly the product of Iranian Mullahs

The continued #crimes of the #Iranian regime are caused by the international community's leniency, writes @tariqalhomayed in @aawsat_News

Press | Earthquake in Syria: One man’s crimes are worse

"[...] those who are trying to 'whitewash' the Assad regime [...] are committing a grave and compound mistake," writes @tariqalhomayed

Press | Syria: From a political earthquake to a natural one

The natural #earthquake that struck #Syria is an extension of a political earthquake that began in 1949, writes Khairallah in @asasmedialb

Press | Sanctions on Tehran’s mullahs ineffective

“All sanctions imposed on #Tehran's #mullahs so far are incomplete and ineffective,” writes @tariqalhomayed in @aawsat_eng

NGO | More than 1050 Syrian civilians killed in 2022 – SNHR

“1,057 civilians were killed, including 251 children, 94 women, and 133 victims who died due to torture," the SNHR 2022 report says

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