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Syrian baccalaureate exam: Another Assad form of torture

Last Sunday, June 2, #Syrian students are believed to have faced the worst exam #Syria has ever seen

Landmark war crimes trial for 3 top Syrian officials in Paris

A #Paris Criminal Court began a trial in absentia of three high-ranking #Syrian officials, Ali Mamlouk, Jamil Hasan and Abdel Salam Mahmoud

Astronaut Mohammad Fares laid to rest in liberated Syria

#MohammadFares’ body was returned to #Syria for burial on Monday, April 22, 2024 according to his wish

Assad’s dilemma as Iran’s Mullahs flex their muscles

#Syrian journalist #MoustafaAlsaied writes about the recent 'confrontation' between #Iran and #Israel and its impact on #Assad

Assad’s Syria: Wasteland only rich with mass graves

#EvaJKoulouriotis writes about #mass #graves in #Syria under the #Assad regime, focusing on #Hajira and #Najha near #Damascus

The 2024 Annual For Syria Conference held in Washington DC

An exceptionally well-organized event coordinated by the #AmericanCoalitionForSyria (#ACS) that included prearranged visits to #CapitolHill

Joint declaration of three Syrian regions

On the occasion of the "Declaration of #SyrianIndependence," announced on March 8, 1920, this joint declaration was declared today

Uniting Voices: American Coalition for Syria Conference 2024

For those passionate about supporting the #Syrian cause, this is an event not to be missed

Breaking barriers: A vision for Syrian unity inspired by the West Germany scenario

This initiative presents a pathway towards unity in two phases: The consolidation of #American and #Turkish spheres of influence, and the reunification of all #Syria

Analysis | Combatting Iran’s Houthis starts from Syria

"Achieving regional and global security requires effective international cooperation to counter #Iran and its allies," writes Almoutassim Al Kilani

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