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Another Assad victim: Syria’s heritage

"[...] the existing authority in #Syria contributed to the looting of tangible heritage, and smuggled a large part of it," writes Dr. TAHHAN

News Report | Syrian refugees: From Lebanon to the unknown

#Syria is not safe for the return of #Syrian #refugees, as returnees are subjected to extortion, persecution and serious human rights violations

Analysis | Impact of Netanyahu’s victory on the Syrian file

"For the #Arab countries, #Netanyahu's victory will strengthen their hardline stance on #Iran," writes #DrKamalAlLabwani

News Report | First consultative meeting of Syrian Americans held in Washington DC

The participants agreed that Syrians themselves must first be willing to set aside their differences and become a united front for their efforts to have any chance of succeeding

Analysis| Meloni’s government in Italy: What prospects for Syria?

"... it is difficult to predict what will be #Italy's new government stand towards #Syria and the #Assad regime," writes #FrancescaScalinci

NEWS REPORT | Syria under Assad: The Captagon capital of the world

On September 20, 2022, the #US #HouseOfRepresentatives approved the passage of H.R.6265 also known as the #CaptagonAct

Why are many young Syrians dying of heartache?

"Science is proving that #Syrians in exile run four times more the risk of dying of a heart attack," writes #FrancescaScalinci

National Conference of Syrians in America held in Washington DC

A group of activists in the #US worked for a year in planning a National Conference of #Syrians in America in Washington DC

Analysis | Will Britain do it for Syrian refugees?

Will this plan of transferring refugees from Britain to Rwanda prevent people from crossing the English Channel?

Voices of Freedom: Sharing the stories of exiled writers

This is the first in a series of activities aimed at sharing the stories of exiled writers and refugees in Canada through poetry.

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