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Syrian revolution reignition: A phoenix never dies

#Syrians in #Syria and around the world continue to confirm their opposition to the brutal #Assad regime

Assad: Godfather of 21st century human trafficking

Any talk about the possibility of coordinating with #Assad in the immigration file is madness, writes Eva J. Koulouriotis

Normalization with Assad proves to be an epic fail

In the coming days, #Syrians will be watching closely to see what the countries that have made steps toward normalization with #Assad will decide to do now

Four Syrians walk 160 km in the 105th Vierdaagse in the Netherlands

#Syrian participants wanted to tell the world about the #atrocities that have been committed by the #Assad regime and its #supporters

Syria’s Moadamiyah: The hope of then, the despair of now

Under the #Assad regime’s control, #Syria's #Moadamiyah has devolved into a thriving outlet for the manufacture and distribution of drugs such as #Captagon

What Syrian children need for a fulfilled life

"The future of #children in #Syria depends on what actions we take to combat the poor education," writes Adel ALRAI

Can AANES implement its initiative to host Syrian refugees?

With every day of delay, the fate of dozens of #Syrian #refugees in #Lebanon is at stake, writes Abdulrahman Rabboa

Enforced disappearances continue unchecked in Syria

The issue of #enforced #disappearance in #Syria needs to be at the forefront of any serious handling of the crisis

Criminal Assad Never Represents Syria campaign

#Syria bodies and #activists express rejection for the participation of the head of the #Assad regime in the #ArabSummit

US legislators to combat the normalization of Assad

A bipartisan group of #US #lawmakers introduced legislation yesterday to hold #Assad regime and its backers accountable

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