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Breaking barriers: A vision for Syrian unity inspired by the West Germany scenario

This initiative presents a pathway towards unity in two phases: The consolidation of #American and #Turkish spheres of influence, and the reunification of all #Syria

Analysis | Combatting Iran’s Houthis starts from Syria

"Achieving regional and global security requires effective international cooperation to counter #Iran and its allies," writes Almoutassim Al Kilani

Syria on the brink of another bleak new year

As the year 2023 draws to a close, the economic woes in #Syria persist, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the #NewYear

From invited to indicted: Why Assad chose not to attend COP28

Had #Assad attended #COP28, he would have posed a challenge to the #UAE’s commitment to the 2006 extradition agreement

French judiciary: No immunity for Assad’s chemical crimes

The arrest warrants against #BasharAssad and senior members of his regime followed a criminal investigation conducted by a specialized unit in #Paris

The ICJ in The Hague holds its first hearing regarding torture in Syria

This case was brought by #Canada and #TheNetherlands, against the #Syrian state based on the #ConventionAgainstTorture

Analysis | ‘Reconstruction in Syria’ and the ‘Astana-Sochi’ track do not converge

"[...] the Astana-Sochi process will likely lead to the destruction of what remains of the #Syrian economy," writes Dr. Osama Kadi

Syrian revolution reignition: A phoenix never dies

#Syrians in #Syria and around the world continue to confirm their opposition to the brutal #Assad regime

Assad: Godfather of 21st century human trafficking

Any talk about the possibility of coordinating with #Assad in the immigration file is madness, writes Eva J. Koulouriotis

Normalization with Assad proves to be an epic fail

In the coming days, #Syrians will be watching closely to see what the countries that have made steps toward normalization with #Assad will decide to do now

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