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Syrians have every possible reason to remain angry

"I urge #Syrians to remain angry like that #American #hostage and to continue their struggle against the #Assad regime," writes Dr. Yahya Alaridi

After Assad’s visit to Moscow, high time to act

"The call now is for some Syrians to come up with a different plan for the entire future of Syria," writes Firas Tlass

Editorial | Why should we NOT revolt?

The #revolution of the #Syrian people against #Assad is twelve years and counting

The tortoise: The ‘Godfather’ of U.S. Syria policy

American administrations keep looking at the tortoise as their guiding godfather in their handling of the Syrian crisis, writes George Tuma

A nuclear Iran is a threat to Arabs, not Israel

"[....] nothing is more dangerous for #Arabs than a #nuclear #Mullah," writes Sam Aman

Personal Narrative | Syria’s children dispersed to seven continents

This is the story of an "old neighbor, sitting in the public park of a European town to which I immigrated years ago," narrated by Magdalene Jarkas

A letter to Macron on possible rapprochement with Assad

Please, "do not take any action that could potentially harm the #Syrian people seeking #freedom," writes Dr. Charles Malek to @EmmanuelMacron

Assad is taking advantage of the earthquake in Syria

"The #earthquake tells the world that in #Syria the conflict continues and that the it should not remain away from the news flow," writes @ruslantrad

Assad in Oman: Was there an American green light?

The real indicator of a serious #Arab #normalization with #Assad is #SaudiArabia's position, writes Ariana Scorpoli

Al-Tadamun Massacre: Syria’s hole in Assad’s hell

"[Amjad] Youssef knew then that [...] he would never be held accountable as long as it was for #Assad," writes Ruthanne Sikora

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